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Permanent Training Master's Degree in Hydrogen Technologies

The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is emerging as a key component in achieving decarbonization goals and the search for alternative fuels derived from renewable energies.

Within this expansion process of hydrogen technologies, it is essential to promote specialized training that enables recent graduates and professionals in the field to acquire specialized knowledge in this technology.

The training provided aims to cover the entire value chain of hydrogen, from analyzing the current situation, regulations, hydrogen production methods, transportation, and storage, to the study of fuel cells and end uses.

This Permanent Training Master's Degree is focused both on the academic sector ( focused on specialisation and the improvement of employability) and the industrial sector (focused on providing basic and specialised knowledge in H2 technologies as an energy vector).


  • On-line training: The training is provided on-line, although it is not fully autonomous, but guided and evaluated by highly qualified teachers and professionals specialising in the sector.
  • Flexible and easily updatable: The proposed training is flexible and easily updatable throughout the life of the programme.
  • Modular training: The training plan is based on a modular training (based on the concept of micro-credentials) and is scalable up to a Master's degree level.
  • Possibility of "Expert" certification: The possibility is considered of establishing reduced itineraries, based on the completion of specific modules, which allow obtaining an Expert certification in specific contents of the proposed training.